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Glass Art Society - 2020 Virtual Exhibition


"not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so"

Virtual Galleries set to be a group of galleries in the virtual space. With curated group and solo exhibitions we plan to promote visual artists, both traditional and digital.

Glass Art Society - 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Every year, the Glass Art Society brings together the international community of glass artists and enthusiasts for a multi-day conference featuring glass art from every discipline. In 2020 the Conference in Småland, Sweden was canceled due to the covid 19 pandemic, but the Glass Art Society reimagined the event as a virtual conference, free and open to the public! As part of the conference, VirtualGalleries.Art proudly presents the GAS 2020 Member and Student Winners Exhibition!

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Gallery 42

Gallery 42 is medium size gallery, will be a home for curated group and solo exhibitions.
The first event in Gallery 42 will feature artists from a wild range of fields, styles and techniques. Our goal is to connect creators and audience through excellence and expose ourself to new ideas in the age of digital tribalism.
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